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  • Business Exchange: Access an elite listing of dental industry leaders approved by S101.
  • Resource Center: Explore a wealth of information and documents developed by S101 for use in your practice.
  • Secure Portal Access: Upload and monitor critical benefit documents.
  • Simplify the process.
  • Know when to Credential or ReCredential to avoid a contracting situation.
  • Understand the forms and carrier strategies to use to your advantage.
Data Analytics
  • Know which plans are paying under which carrier contracts.
  • Know when to accept or opt-out of carrier networking.
  • Decode the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs).
  • Monitor Market Changes.
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  • Talk Tracks: Scripts for effective communication with patients and insurance companies via various channels.
  • Industry News: Stay updated on relevant news and developments in the dental industry.
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Major Carrier Changes

Did you know 7 major carriers created new network arrangements that will start becoming effecting in 2024?

Network Arrangements

Did you know offices lose around $30,000 annually from carriers creating or deleting leased networks?

Direct Contracts

Did you know 86% of offices do not know which contract they are being paid under for their patient base?



S101ACCESS was designed to assist dental practices in market navigation.  This program allows insight into dental benefits and a clearer understanding of what is being communicated to you from the insurance carriers.  This is a program that many of S101’s former ENGAGE clients utilize to continue their success.  


S101ENGAGE is a Concierge, full service, contract restructuring program.  ENGAGE generates revenue based on risk assessment and ROI modeling/forecasting.  Offices are able to take a very minimal disruption in their workflow while combating one of the biggest revenue burdens of owning a practice, dental reimbursements.

Which One Is Right For My Practice?


Less Cost Per Year

Saves Your Revenue

On Your Own Schedule

Market Modeling



Concierge Service

Generates Revenue

Timeline Sensitive

Practice Modeling


“S101ACCESS finally gave my practice the ability to manage the carrier networks.  No more wondering if we needed to Opt-Out or if we would lose money by network changes.”


“S101ACCESS was the tool my team needed.  We finally have a resource at our fingertips to help us navigate the market.  Their database has proven monumental in making informed decisions for my practice.”


“For less than $2.00 an hour, it is the most used asset in our practice.  It allowed us to utilize S101’s massive database even though we didn’t need full contract restructuring.”


“S101ENGAGE has been a game changer.”


Gain the upper hand over dental insurance with S101ACCESS! In today’s dental landscape, S101ACCESS is there to support the practice that doesn’t need full contract restructuring, but needs help along the way. 

Your Price


(billed annually)

Peace of Mind

Tired of countless documents being sent over by Insurance companies? Need a resource to help decipher them? Need to know if it is truly an issue of credentialing or contracting?


Understand the implications of the credentialing process.  Know when to enter or avoid a contracting situation to impactfully retain revenue.  Stop letting market changes change your income.


Learn the process so that you are equipped to handle the market independently.  Be part of a community with like-minded providers and team members working towards a clearer understanding of dental benefit reimbursements.


Be prepared and equipped to fully understand how a network arrangement will impact your practice.  Know if it is the right financial move to stay in or opt-out.

Quick Question

Have a quick question?  Sign up for a one on one session with a market expert to confidently tackle your issue.

Market News

Be informed!  Industry leading news and speaking events at your fingertips.

Pricing Offer Expires








Monthly membership pricing options available HERE


Full CONCIERGE contract restructuring.  Take the unknown and fear out of the process of owning a dental practice.  Let the experts at S101 handle your entire project from in-depth analysis, risk assessment of contract maneuvering, and patient/carrier communication.

  • Office Fee Assessment
  • Comprehensive Data Presentation
  • Contract Identification
  • Fee Schedule Audit
  • Network Leasing Identification
  • Patient Saturation Analysis
  • Profitability Modeling and Forecasting
  • Carrier Compliance Tracking
  • Claim Summary Audit
  • Education
  • Contracting Timeline
  • ROI Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Problem Identifiers
  • Team Kickoff Meeting
  • Onsite Training
  • Contract Terminations
  • Contract Opt-Outs
  • Mail and Tracking
  • Custom Patient Communication
  • Custom Carrier Communication
  • Offer/Negotiation Analysis & Evaluations
  • Compliance Tracking and Enforcement
  • ‘Ghost’ Contracting Exposure
  • (re)Credentialing Support
  • Cadence Calls
  • Remote Training
  • Group Plan Analysis
  • Carrier Access Point Identifiers
  • Direct Access to S101 Team
  • Priority Data Intake
  • Special Pricing For S101 Events
  • Set Project Timeline
  • Market Agility
  • Office Team Support
  • Dedicated Client Portal

Project Based Custom Pricing.  Free Upfront Assesment.



Phone:  (405) 286-6244

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