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Solutions 101

Solving PPO Reimbursement Problems

Increase your dental practice’s revenue, maximize patient retention, and get more time to focus on providing the highest quality care possible.

Helping Dental Offices Solve Their Biggest Problems

Dental Offices across the country are struggling to stay afloat with skyrocketing operating costs and low reimbursements from dental insurance companies.

The pressure to remain profitable leads many doctors to pack their schedules full of patients, leaving less time to focus on providing high-quality care.

Unpredictable fee schedules, overly complex billing, and poor communication from dental insurance companies all create additional frustrations and eat up more time for doctors and their office managers.

Some doctors recognize the real problem lies within one-sided insurance contracts but feel trapped by the fear of losing their patients.

Here’s What S101 Can Do For Your Dental Practice

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Increase Revenue and Reduce Workload

We work with you hands-on to dramatically increase your revenue and significantly reduce your daily workload. Our approach uses data analytics and industry expertise to re-engineer insurance contracts, making your office more profitable. Solutions 101 can help you gain more time to provide the highest quality care to each patient, all while making more money than before.

Take Back Control of Your Business

We give Dental Practice Owners new knowledge and tools that empower them to make more informed business decisions. Take back control of your income by understanding the inner workings of the dental insurance industry, and get more time to focus on what you love about working in dentistry: giving patients new smiles.

Protect Your Existing Patients

We believe doctors can provide better care to their patients when they feel secure in their businesses’ finances. Our strategy gives you the power to change or leave one-sided contracts without worrying about patient attrition. Higher and more predictable revenue gives you more freedom to make recommendations and plan treatments without the interference of your patients’ dental insurance.

Our Process

01. Intake

We’ve developed custom analytics software to create accurate models of your current contract situation. We’ll help you collect the relevant info we need from your practice, which our system will evaluate against more than 40 million market data points. Then we’ll create a step-by-step strategic plan for you based on our findings.

02. Consultation

Before you make the final decision to work with us, we’ll meet to present our full report and custom strategy. We use objective data to forecast how much you’ll be able to increase your revenue by following our recommendations. Once we agree that Solutions 101 is a good fit for your practice, we can sign a service agreement and get to work making you more money.

03. Implementation

We put your plan into action, guiding any necessary changes to your network contracts and office fees that will allow you to optimize your revenue growth without negatively impacting your patient base. We’ll monitor progress closely, ensuring the process moves efficiently and contractual obligations are fulfilled.

04. Revenue and Retention

We’ll work directly with your staff to provide education, tools, and resources to help make sure your patients understand what’s changing and know that you’re on their side. 

Our clients typically see a total patient attrition rate of only 2-5% by the time we finish their case, while also dramatically increasing their per procedure and per patient revenue.

Why Solutions 101?

At Solutions 101, we share the same goals as our clients: financial security, control over our income, freedom to decide how we spend our time, and the power to make the best decisions for our clients without interference from insurance companies.

We’re called Solutions 101 because we solve the fundamental problems that many Dental Practice Owners face in their businesses: being trapped in unfair, unprofitable contracts with PPOs that limit their potential profitability. No matter how efficient a practice becomes or how well they negotiate fees, they still can’t solve the underlying issue of being at the mercy of the insurance industry.  

That’s where we come in.  

We empower Dental Practice Owners to be more confident business owners by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to continue their own success. 

Case Reviews

Read our collection of in-depth client case reviews to learn more about our process and the impact we’ve had on dental practices like yours.

Dr. Clark Plost, DDS

“If you have any sort of insurance involvement at your practice you need to have a conversation with them. In my experience, I haven’t found anyone who has better knowledge and understanding of the dental insurance industry. You don’t know what you don’t know, but Solutions 101 does.”

Valerie Caulfield
Office Manager at Sodorff & Wilson

“We barely saw a tangible impact on our patient base. It was very little. For example, most patients didn’t even know that when we dropped MetLife it switched over to GEHA Connection, and it didn’t impact the patients at all. But it gave us a 30% raise. They didn’t even notice the difference.”

Stephanie Calson
office manager at Stillwater dental assoc.

“I know we can call S101 if we need to whenever we have questions. Different insurance companies have tried to get us to go back in network with them plenty of times, and there’s so much that changes with different policies all the time. We actually had s101 come in and help us out last year. We went through our book a second time, and we didn’t really make any big changes. But just having them available to look at our contracts and make sure everything looks good, that’s a huge benefit for us.”

Dr. Christopher Leyster, DDS
Pediatric Dental Specialist at Kids Dental Specialists

“Revenue went up overall. And our revenue per procedure and per patient went way up.  We were able to cut down on the number of patient encounters we have, so it’s not even working less for the same money. It’s working less for more money. Really just a gigantic win on our end.”

Janet Baker
office manager at Edmond Family Dental Designs

“Solutions 101 had a huge financial impact on our practice. I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, but all our reimbursements went up a large percentage. And I think it’s also made us all more knowledgeable and more aware of how insurance works. We’re able to be more direct with our patients about their costs up front. We don’t look at it from the point of view of, ‘what will your insurance cover,’ now we focus on talking about treatment. Educating them on why it needs to be done, what the treatment is, the cost of that.”

Schedule An Initial Consult

You should feel confident that your decision to work with Solutions 101 is based on objective data, an accurate forecast of ROI, and the high standards we hold ourselves to. That’s why before we ever agree to take on a new case, or your money, we offer a full data analysis and create a comprehensive strategy and sequential plan of action for your practice.

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If you’re tired of the games and want to take charge of your revenue, Solutions 101 is here to help.

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