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Solutions-101 (S101) is a project-based firm focused on assisting dental practices in repositioning their insurance reimbursements to increase revenue. For nearly a decade, S101 has data-mined benefit plans nationwide to correctly maximize both in-and-out-of-network reimbursements for dentists.

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Why we’re different

Our policy is based upon mathematics, education, and a fiduciary duty to our clients. We have set ourselves apart from the typical dental consultancy or negotiation company.

  • Data Analytics
  • Negotiating
  • Return on Investment

Data Analytics

Founder and CEO, Craig Dreiling, developed a propriety software program that identifies a dentist’s in-network contract access, patient saturation within each network, and fee titration software.

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With the technology and information available to Solutions-101, we do not have to negotiate with insurance carriers. We know which leased networks will absorb any contract prior to any repositioning. This gives us the leverage needed to force your book into a higher paying fee schedule or terminate the contract completely.

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Return on Investment

Your ROI is measured in both time and money. S101 will not take your case unless a benefit is created for your practice. S101 will determine whether your practice or DSO will warrant our services upon an initial analysis of your case.

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It's Time To Take Action

With over 4.2 million data points, S101 will navigate your market with real-time analytics. In most cases, the cost of not taking action costs the practice more.

New Acquisition

Determine existing patient saturation and position your new practice in the most valuable networks both within your current and prospective patient base.

Existing Practice

Established method of identifying network contract accesses, patient saturation, and fee titration. Change your practice to maximize your revenue.


Whether acquiring or selling, let S101 maximize and align your network contracts to increase your value.

Fee for Service Practice

Identify patient saturations and UCR adjustments to maximize revenue while retaining your patients


Maximize revenue while maintaining network status. Create capital to invest in your next market acquisition.

Full Disclosure

S101 is a data company. Your success is our ability to disclose how the plans work, how the leased networks work, and how the reimbursements (both in-and-out-of-network) perform. A consultant or negotiation company in this space typically signs non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in order to negotiate on your behalf. These NDAs are written by the insurance companies and then signed by the company that is supposed to represent you. S101 does not enter into these NDAs as our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients, you, the dentist/owner.

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