About Us

Solutions101 started with the simple idea that dental practitioners deserve to understand how and where they are being reimbursed.

We think that doctors went to dental school to practice dentistry, not to spend their time contending with dental benefit plans.

Our Story

 Craig Dreiling founded S101 in 2014 to solve the most fundamental problems that prevent many dental practices from thriving. Craig intended to become a dentist and practice owner himself before discovering the challenges so many practices face from dental insurance networks. While completing his required chair-side hours, he realized how one-sided the benefits market had become. Nobody seemed to truly understand the complicated system of patient plans and carrier alignment. Craig became concerned with the viability of purchasing a dental practice, and how a practice owner might stay profitable and relevant in the industry. These are the solutions that S101 provides.

Supported by an impressive dataset comprising over 60 million data points and insights gleaned from analyzing 21,000+ group IDs across 18,000+ businesses nationwide, Solutions101 stands as a paragon of success in the industry. Our data-driven approach ensures that our recommendations are grounded in real-world insights, affording clients cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique challenges. S101 focuses on strategic dental reimbursement solutions so our clients can achieve patient retention, revenue growth, education, and member satisfaction.


In 2023 S101 moved or negotiated 900+ contracts with a 100% compliance success rate.

In 2023 S101 stood behind its Mission Statement and Ethical Standards turning away 22% of its prospective clients knowing that an ROI was not obtainable by the scope or project abilities.

As of March 1st 2024 S101 has already obtained over 7,400,000 NEW data points, on track for the company’s largest data acquisition in a single year.

Many of our clients come to us with similar questions. How did this situation happen? Why do insurance companies sometimes seem to be working against the well being of their providers? Dental practice owners don’t just need information, they need answers. That’s why we consider all client cases we take on to be partnerships. Instead of simply providing advice or trying to handle negotiations for you, we’ll work with you hands-on throughout the duration of your project. 

We understand the importance of providing the education and tools that practice owners and their staff need, to have a more comprehensive understanding of the dental insurance world. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to feel confident that they have everything to continue their success after our partnership is complete!

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