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Harnessing Over 60 Million Data Points to Safeguard Dental Providers Against Dental Insurance

What does your practice need?

Solutions101 was created to solve the fundamental problem in owning a practice, how and where you are getting paid. 

We understand that your practice wont fit into a pre-made mold.

Solutions101 has a custom solution for you.

Can you help me with all Insurances?

Yes!  Solutions101 has the ability to deal with ALL dental insurance.  Its immense database lets offices handle all the major carriers, even addressing Medicare and DHMO/HMO plans.

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Gain the upper hand over dental insurance with S101ACCESS! In today’s dental landscape, S101ACCESS is there to support the practice that doesn’t need full contract restructuring, but needs help along the way. 

Peace of Mind

Tired of countless documents being sent over by Insurance companies? Need a resource to help decipher them? Need to know if it is truly an issue of credentialing or contracting?


Understand the implications of the credentialing process.  Know when to enter or avoid a contracting situation to impactfully retain revenue.  Stop letting market changes change your income.


Learn the process so that you are equipped to handle the market independently.  Be part of a community with like-minded providers and team members working towards a clearer understanding of dental benefit reimbursements.


Be prepared and equipped to fully understand how a network arrangement will impact your practice.  Know if it is the right financial move to stay in or opt-out.

Quick Question

Have a quick question?  Sign up for a one on one session with a market expert to confidently tackle your issue.

Market News

Be informed!  Industry leading news and speaking events at your fingertips.

Monthly membership pricing options available. 

Special pricing for State Dental Associations Members for participating states.


Full CONCIERGE contract restructuring.  Take the unknown and fear out of the process of owning a dental practice.  Let the experts at S101 handle your entire project from in-depth analysis, risk assessment of contract maneuvering, and patient/carrier communication.

  • Office Fee Assessment
  • Comprehensive Data Presentation
  • Contract Identification
  • Fee Schedule Audit
  • Network Leasing Identification
  • Patient Saturation Analysis
  • Profitability Modeling and Forecasting
  • Carrier Compliance Tracking
  • Claim Summary Audit
  • Education
  • Contracting Timeline
  • ROI Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Problem Identifiers
  • Team Kickoff Meeting
  • Onsite Training
  • Contract Terminations
  • Contract Opt-Outs
  • Mail and Tracking
  • Custom Patient Communication
  • Custom Carrier Communication
  • Offer/Negotiation Analysis & Evaluations
  • Compliance Tracking and Enforcement
  • ‘Ghost’ Contracting Exposure
  • (re)Credentialing Support
  • Cadence Calls
  • Remote Training
  • Group Plan Analysis
  • Carrier Access Point Identifiers
  • Direct Access to S101 Team
  • Priority Data Intake
  • Special Pricing For S101 Events
  • Set Project Timeline
  • Market Agility
  • Office Team Support
  • Dedicated Client Portal

Project Based Custom Pricing.  Free Upfront Assesment.